Which book won the 2012 Rogers Writers’ Trust Fiction Prize?

Jacques Plante: The Man Who Changed The Face of Hockey is a biography of the first NHL goalie to wear a mask after taking a puck in the face from the following player:

In researching her book, Working the Dead Beat, how many marriage proposals did Sandra Martin discover June Callwood received during the Second World War from bomber pilots heading overseas?

Which novel begins with this nursery rhyme: “Ladybird, ladybird, Fly away home/ Your house is on fire/ Your children are gone”?

What befell Mary Dempster in Robertson Davies’s Fifth Business?

Which Canadian author’s first novel featured a jazz trumpeter living in early 20th century New Orleans?

The novel Peace River Country was written by which former editor of Maclean’s magazine?

To CanLit lovers, Tiff is more than a film festival. What do the ‘I’ and the first ‘F’ in Timothy Findley's nickname stand for?

Leslie McFarlane of Haileybury, Ontario, used a pseudonym to write the first 20 books of a world famous young adult book series, but never received any royalties. What is the series?

On the Ides of March in 1980, this author and her publisher rode a chariot down Yonge Street to promote the release of her new book. Name the author and publisher:

The title of Alistair MacLeod's best-selling 1999 novel, No Great Mischief, was originally intended to be:

Alice Munro claims this collection of linked stories, originally published in 1971, is the closest she'll ever come to writing a novel:

Originally published in 2002, which novel by a Canadian writer was remarkably the second best-selling work of fiction in Norway last year?

In The Life of Pi how many days did Pi Patel spend at sea? (Hint: it’s a prime number.)

Anne of Green Gables author Lucy Maud Montgomery was the wife of a: